About Our Animals

Our Animals

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Free Range Pastured Eggs
Laying Hens

We raise our hens from two-day-old chicks.  When they are approximately five months old, they start laying eggs!! At this point they are out on free range and only kept up at night to protect them from predators.

It is exciting to find the first egg, and then the fun begins!  We gather our eggs daily and wash them in a three-step process, including washing them each by hand with a "green" organic soap to insure their safely.    

Our hens are Rhode Island Reds and White Rock Plymouth, which are known for their quality brown eggs. 

Grass fed beef
Quality Beef Cattle - Born and Raised on our Farm

We raise grass-fed beef by starting with quality cows and bulls, and raising their offspring.  We use a pasture rotation system that insures that their nutritional needs are covered, as well as the land is being managed in a healthy way.    

At eighteen to twenty months, we have our selected steers processed at a USDA facility and offer beef by the whole, half, or quarter.  In addition, we sell our beef by the cut and weight for individuals that may need a smaller amount.    

We do not use any hormones, antibiotics, or steroids on our cattle.  Also, we do not use any chemical fertilizer or herbicides on our pastures.  Our cattle are all grass-fed, and we do not supplement them or finish them out with grain.  They are given high-quality Fertrell vitamins and minerals.   

Quality beef at a reasonable price!!

Pastured poultry
Pastured Chickens

We raise Cornish Cross chickens in a pasture rotation system. At two days old, we put the chicks in a brooder where they are kept warm with heat lamps, and then they are moved out to portable pens as soon as they get their mature feathers (usually two to three weeks old).

We move the portable pens daily and sometimes twice a day so the chickens will be on fresh grass every day! This way they have fresh food, crickets and grasshoppers, and a clean environment for pecking and eating.

We also feed them a high quality Non-GMO certified feed that provides them with protein and contains Organic Fertrell vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

At 8 weeks, we process the chickens and sell them whole, or cut into packages of boneless breasts, tenders, thigh/leg quarters, wings, hearts, necks, feet, and livers.

Forage Hogs

After weaning, our pigs are raised in small groups, usually four or less, and provided with a waterproof shelter, and access to fresh pasture and wooded areas.  In addition, we feed them a high quality Non-GMO certified feed.  

Pigs are naturally forage animals that instinctively "root" for plants, bugs and larvae.  They are able to not only satisfy their need to "root", but supplement their nutritional needs.    

With the use of electric fencing, we move the pigs to new wooded and pasture areas so they get fresh food, and they do not cause damage to the land.  We have found that pigs help clear out areas that need to be cleaned up with their foraging, and by moving them frequently, they do not damage roots of trees.   

At 6 to 8 months, we have our pigs butchered at an USDA inspected facility and offer the pork by the whole, half, and quarter.  We also offer individual cuts of meat by the pound.      


Pastured Turkeys

We raise white turkey hens to provide excellent quality turkey with large breasts.  We raise them with our chickens in the portable pens.  With each batch of 100 chickens, we raise 10 turkeys.    

At 8 weeks, we process the chickens, and at that time the turkeys are raised by themselves in portable pens.  The turkeys are able to eat fresh grass and bugs daily by our system of moving the pens daily.  They love grasshoppers and crickets!!  We also feed them a high quality Non-GMO certified feed that meets their need for protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.    

We process the turkeys at 16 weeks.